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Marcos Victims Trying to Get $1.2 Billion

Wednesday, September 14, 1994

Thousands of Filipino victims of torture and execution during martial law under Ferdinand Marcos will try to collect $1.2 billion in damages at a hearing next week, the victims' attorney said yesterday.

Sherry P. Broder said the 10,000 victims are seeking the money before Imelda Marcos' and the Philippine government's maneuver to liquidate her assets.

"We're concerned about preserving the integrity of the assets to ensure that the clients will be able to collect their money," Broder said. "Right now, the damages are equal to the assets we've identified."

The hearing will be Monday in Los Angeles. It is a continuation of last Friday's hearing in Hawaii where Marcos' lead attorney, James Linn of Los Angeles, failed to appear.

In November 1991, the Philippine government entered into two agreements with the Marcoses' Swiss assets to the Philippines and split the money, Broder said.

She said the agreements were made seven months after federal Judge Manuel Real ordered the Philippine government not to transfer or liquidate Marcos assets. Real accused the government of trying to help Marcos avoid paying the victims. By entering into agreements with the Marcos estate, the government was aiding the Marcoses, Real said.

Real also ordered Linn to testify and produce the secret agreement and records relating to the transfer of the money from the Marcoses to Linn at the Los Angeles hearing. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s attorney was also ordered to appear at the hearing.

Lawyers for Imelda Marcos testified they were paid $4.3 million to defend the Marcoses. The money was wired from a bank in Paris.

A trial for compensatory damages is set for December.

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